It's Louis' Birthday!

Soooo today Louis turning 22! Woohoooo! And i made something for him, here it is-->
What do you think? :D hopefully Louis will like it (thought i know he'll never see it) Happy birthday, babe! Wyatb, longlife, success in your life, god bless you, longlast with Eleanor and merry christmas! Love you, Louis, forever and moreeee. Don't let people let you down! Lots of love and kisses from me and directioners xxxxx. Dont worry Lou, age is just number, but you'll be forever young! Hehe xD Stay funny, sassy, and classy!:p

p.s dont forget to treat me and the boys:p

With love *swip my bum*,


Thank you, Boys.

As what you see, the boys sent a message for Indonesian Directioners yeaaaaay! At first i was shocked but im sooooo happy! It means that they notice us!^^ now, when will they hold a concert in Indonesia? and will they notice me? Btw, what's your fav track on tmh album? last first kiss, summer love and nobody compares were my fav tracks :D xx


Take Me Home Album

Finally finally finally finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got take me home album yeaaaaaaaay! *over fangirling* i bought it at plaza semanggi (penting banget apa peh-_-) oke oke just ignore it._. but i dont mean to show off that i've bought it._. im just too happy #wkwkwkwk

you know? i cant stop staring at the album.............the boys are handsome *.* you guys must see it gamau tau! -_-(?) eh eh! i want to share some lyrics of 1D's songs that i thought funny. Here we go~

  1. "And I'm like, oww!" (Heart Attack)
  2. "He drives to school every morning While I walk alone in the rain He'd kill me without any warning If he took a look in my brain" (I Would)
  3. "With a sign on my back saying 'Kick Me' reality ruined my life" (I Would)
yeah its funny, in my opinion ;) but i really love it :Dv Now maybe some of you call me insane, idiot cause i said its funny or you think that i mocked their songs. But no, im not as you think.

For the boys, you guys did a great job!! i love love love you guyssss! and directioners who havent bought the album, c'mon buy! Sebelum kehabisan~ ;D

Much Love, AL


One Direction - Live While We're Young

Tadaaaaaa! So guys, Live While We're Young Music Video already out! I'm sooooo excited! The boys are so cool and handsome as always! If you guys want to watch the video, here's the link. Just enjoy the video! :D x

p.s: Enjoy your life while you're young. Don't do everything useless! Remember, 'live while we're young' :Dx